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Chair of Planning Theory and Urban-Regional Policy AnalysisChair of Planning Theory and Urban-Regional Policy Analysis

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Digital summer term 2021

Note:  To ensure the start of the seminar and an adequate communication on its requirements, all participants are required to register to the seminar on the ISIS platform before the first online session. Access to registration through ISIS will be opened the week before the first online session. (Password protection will be activated after registration has occurred). All relevant details and Isis links are provided at Teaching > Courses.

Planning Theory and Urban-Regional Policy Analysis

Planning theory is a critical-reflective perspective on urban and regional planning as social-political domain of agency.

Planning theory thus conceived relies on a broad, trans-disciplinary understanding of what ‘urban and regional planning’ is. It deals not only with measures related to defined ‘bounded’ spaces – ‘spatial planning’ in the narrow sense – but also with practices, discourses and social relations which contribute to the social construction and social meaning of ‘space’.

An important aspect of this understanding is an interpretive policy approach according to which scientific understanding and normative orientation are not primarily pursued through the analysis of formal structures and procedures, but through critical-interpretive inquiry into concrete practices, interactions and processes which define political agency.

According to this understanding, planning theory can take a mediating position in both topical and epistemological perspective between specific areas of knowledge related to spatial development. Its goal is promoting a transdisciplinary reflection on socio-spatial processes and their political dimension.

Research and teaching at the chair focus on the following topics:

  • planning, governance and emerging socio-spatial configurations
  • new governance arenas and social interaction processes
  • urban development and planning and social conflict
  • innovation in urban democracy practices
  • transformations in territoriality in trans-scalar perspective
  • transnationalisation, Europeanisation and post-nationality in spatial policy

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Consultation hour Prof. Dr. Gualini

Consultation hour (normally: Tuesday, 9:00-10:00 h, ISR, Room B 219) is suspended due to current access restrictions at TU Berlin.
Students are welcome to make an appointment via email (e.gualini@isr.tu-berlin.de) for an online consultation (email or video chat).


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